13 maja 2012
3 czerwca 2012

The Sky stood in place, the Earth shook with fire ... day, which will remember for a lifetime ...
Thanks to All who attended, especially for those magical half hour during which we were honored to play for You. Your adoption made ​​the Heaven wasn't never ever closer to the Earth .. It is thanks to You!

Huge thanks go to Live Nation with Steven Todd headed for the faith, support and understanding.. And especially to Marta Wnuczyńska & Hubert Stajniak. No one like You. Also to Ania, Julek, Slawek, Kajetan  and all the incredible LN Team (We are sorry that we're crazy from happiness and lack of direction...
Thanks for - 
Dreams Come True..

We also greet all the Heroes that day - LUX TORPEDA, ACIDS, CINEMON, GOJIRA, BLS, MACHINE HEAD, and of course .. METALLICA!!! Absolutely the Worldwide Champion in every weights! You also made us who we are..
It was a great honor to play with You all!!



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